Mindset and focus are keys to success, we bring the best from each domain of martial arts for a true competitive edge.

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Our Mission is to build and motivate the students of martial arts into scholars. We lead in the dojo and school of life. 


Here’s the deal. The devil is in the details. The truth of training in mixed martial arts is that things are not always as they seem. This page was named Ring leaderz with the inspiration that winning is about control. Being in control of your journey and life every step of the way, and in doing so when you step on the mat or enter the ring you you have orchestrated your own success. 

Our mission is to take students of Mixed Martial arts and provide them with the tools, and discussions to build them into scholars of the sport. The ethos of samurai code, is the armor to the mediocrity of every day life.  Those who want to discover the essence of living life at its fullest. The journey begins here.





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